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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  December 14, 2015 7:00am-9:01am EST

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good morning, america. wicked weather slamming the western half of the country. >> tornado on the ground. >> tornadoes touching down. damaging dozens of homes. winds tossing these train car. and whiteout conditions make roads hazardous. and record heat in the east. shorts to water-skiing on the great lakes. ted cruz shaking up the race for president. donald trump calls him a maniac. how the senator is firing back. as the kptds get set to face off. out of control. a hot air balloon falling from the sky. getting caught in a tree. nervous neighbors springing into action. >> dude, seriously, let's go. >> racing to pull the balloon to a safe landing. the dramatic rescue caught on
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ram ka. ♪ and "star wars" is here. >> get ready. >> okay. for what? >> hollywood on lockdown for the huge premier. tighter security than the oscars. >> all right, let's light it up. >> fans line upper more than a week to get the first look. >> you might need this. >> the force about to awaken live this morning on "gma." we do say good morning, america. the force is with us. the big "star wars" world premier tonight. we're celebrating this morning with one of the stars. rolling out the red carpet. a lot more on that ahead this morning. >> look at bb8 coming. he'll the one of the most popular. what a weekend in the east. central park packed. there it is. people running in shorts. take a look at this, as well.
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mountain skreek ski resort in new jersey. that's last year. here it was on sunday. nothing. nothing at all. we all know about green bay. coldest place in the world to play football. not yesterday. they don't wear shirts even when it's cold. >> even when it's the frozen tundra. >> those cheeseheads are serious. no doubt. >> ginger will have more. let's go to kendis gibson, he's in lufkin, texas. powerful storms there. >> reporter: george, powerful being the key word. this give use a sense of how powerful the storms were. this, right here, 1 of 64 freight train cars tossed around. across the highway, there goes another one. all across the highway over the weekend. today, a massive cleanup effort under way here as well as other parts of texas. >> that's a tornado. >> reporter: and it was. a weekend of wicked weather terrifying texas. >> a white wall of stuff flying
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everywhere. >> reporter: three tornadoes touching down. >> tornado just hit my neighborhood. >> reporter: that home completely obliterated. the homes to the left and right, missing the twister. at least 50 houses suffering damage. the mayor of lindale declaring a diszaster. >> i think the lord sent us away and he spared us. >> reporter: this morning, as people are left cleaning up, the red cross on the scene to help. and here in lufkin, that tossed freight train. >> we had really heavy winds. >> reporter: winding picking up and fliging 64 car on their sides. and to the north, kansas looking a lot like a frozen tundra. blizzard-like conditions sent cars sliding off the road. this tractor trailer getting bogged down. crews struggling to keep up. texas d.o.t. officials cleared the highway just in time for the
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morning rush hour. but with 62 more of these cars to go, it will be days before they're all upright. robin? >> quite a scene. kendis, thank you. the weather a headline here for a different reason. record heat in the east. temperatures hitting the 70s in some areas on sunday, including the new york area. it's going to be warm on christmas. let's head outside to ginger. >> this mild and warm pattern is going nowhere. just the fact that i can stand here in a dress in mid december and not be chilled at all, you know something's up. let's look up at lake superior. you can see last year, the snow and the ice covering it. now, ice free. it looks almost tropical. we've been allowed this kind of tropical warm air coming up. dozens of highs broken over the weekend. cleveland hit 70. new york city central park, 67. the jet stream, all through next week.
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blocking the polar air. it won't block santa. it will be much above average. we're talking 10 to 20 degrees by the time we reach mid and end oaf next week. george? >> wow, that is something. the race for president now. the big shakeup as gop kptds get s set to face off tomorrow night. ted cruise is surging in the polls. closing in on donald trump nationally. >> reporter: good morning. one of the iowa polls shows senator cruz with a ten-point lead. trump who usually loves the polls when he's winning, calling that poll biased towards him. he's still the front-runner nationally, as you can see. on the eve of the debate, the big story is ted cruz. this morning, a shakeup in the gop race for president. back-to-back polls showing senator ted cruz now the man to beat in iowa. dornld trump not happy about it. >> you look at how he has dealt with the senate.
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he goes in there a little bit like a maniac. >> reporter: cruise reacting on social media. posting a vivid yo of the famous maniac dance scene. ♪ she's a maniac maniac at your love ♪ >> reporter: but trump not laughing offer the audio of cruz speaking behind closed doors with donors surfaced, questioning if trump was fit to be commander in chief. >> that's a question of strength. but it's also a question of judgment. >> reporter: trump striking back. tweeting i was disappointed that ted cruz would speak behind my back, get caught. cruz goes into the debate with target on his back. >> the only budge he's voted for is a budget that cut defense spending. >> reporter: over the weekend, "snl" taking a look at the gop race with blast from the past. >> rubio and cruz, sounds like a
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miami law firm. if you've been injured on the job, call rubio and cruz. >> reporter: will ferrell reprising his role as george w. bush. jobing he is entering the race. >> they wnt someone who is cuckoo for cocoa puffs. >> reporter: controversy has been brewing. he took on the media and moderators. tomorrow, we'll see if he take on trump. we're all going to be tuning in. >> we are. let's talk to jon karl. cruz really firming up his support. >> yeah, the story of both of these new iowa pols is ted cruz. he's surging. jumping more than 20 points since october in that des moines register poll. while trump's numbers have essentially remained the same. if you look deeper into the polls, you see cruz has more
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potential to keep rising. fox news poll, 30% say they would never vote for donald trump. only 6% say they would never vote for ted cruz. the most unpopular republican in iowa right now, is by far, jeb bush. >> ted cruz is above 50% if you add up some of the numbers. the last one before the christmas-new year's freeze. it is crucial. >> once again. donald trump will be at center stage. george, five debates. all five, donald trump has been in the middle because he still has a commanding lead in the national polls. for the first time, ted cruz will be standing next to him. because he has surpassed marco rubio in the pols. i'll be looking for how both trump and marco rub ye go at ted cruz. he now in competition to be the alternative to donald trump. >> and chris christie back on the big stage as well. abc news sponsoring the neck
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democrating debate this saturday. >> and national security is sure to be a hot topic. president obama heads to the pentagon this morning for a meeting on the campaign against isis. as we learn major government lapses opened the door for one of those san bernardino killers to enter the country. brian ross is here with that. >> reporter: good morning, robin. nishls the u.s. and europe deal with warnings about possible isis attacks to disrupt the christmas holidays. new question this is morning about where the pakistani woman involved in the san bernardino shooting rampage should have been allowed to come here in the first place. in london, they say they have credible intelligence reports that isis leaders want a paris-style take here timed to christmas. over the weekend, two men were arrested for the manufacture or transport of explosive or toxic
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gases as a search continued for four others. in california this morning, the fbi is not saying what, if anything, it found in its now completed search of this lake. still investigating if more attacks could be coming in the u.s. and now, abc news has learned that a secret u.s. policy prevented immigration investigators last year from looking for tashfeen malik's extensive social media messages that the fbi says included talk of jihad and martyrdom. >> during that time period, immigration officials were not allowed to view social media as part of the screening process. >> reporter: john cohen, now an abc news consultant, says homeland officials asked for new policies last year. but they were opposed by the department's office of civil rights and civil lishties. >> the primary concern was that
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it would be viewed negatively if disclosed publicly. >> reporter: malik received her fiance visa last year in just three weeks, with no check done for whether she had any online messages. >> had they checked her out more, maybe she wouldn't have got an visa. maybe those people in san bernardino would be alive. >> reporter: if a statement to abc news this morning, the department of homeland security says it has started three pilot programs to search the social media of visa applicants. insiders say it's still not a widespread policy. and major impediment. >> a lot of people are scratching their heads. >> not widespread yet. a deadly police shooting in los angeles is getting scrutiny this morning. sheriff's deputies opened fire on an armed man. police say video shows he was
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still holding his gun. ryan owens has the story. [ gunfire ] >> reporter: two los angeles county sheriff's deputies unleashing hail of gunfire. 33 rounds in all. their target this man. we will not show you the rest of the video. cops keep firing even after he had fall on the the ground and is crawling away. >> 911, somewhat your emergency. >> there's a black male walking down the street shooting a gun in the air. >> reporter: this is 28-year-old nicholas robinson earlier. armed with a gun. walking erratically in the street. >> we don't know. >> how many times did he shoot into the air? >> at least six, seven times in the air. >> reporter: the deputies said they repeatedly told him to put down the gun. he refuseded. when he walked away there them and toward this crowded gats station, deputies say, they
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fired. >> two people, two women and three children in a car at gas pump within five feet of him at the time. >> if he goes into the gas station and takes hostages or shooting somebody, we'll have a different topic to talk about. like why didn't the police officers do something? >> reporter: robertson's family questioning whether he had to die. some members of the community coming out the to protest. >> they shot him in the shoulder. he was crawling to this gas station. they could have tasered him. >> reporter: in response on sunday, the sheriff's department reelsing this freeze frame from a nearby camera. even when he was on the the pavement, even after initially shot, that gun never leaves his hands. investigators think this all started when robertson had a fight with his wife. this morning, he's survived by that wife and three young children. george? >> okay, ryan. thank you. let's go to amy for today's other top stories.
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starting with a new fbi investigation. attack on two mosques south of los angeles are under investigation as hate crimes. vandals defaced the mosques with spray paint and left a fake hand grenade outside one of them. a fire police say was deliberately set by a man now in custody. police outside paris said a man entered a school and stabbed a kindergarten student this morning. the teach sir okay. the suspect, wearing a mask and gloves, fled the scene on foot. there are new details in the october crash of the russian plane that killed 224 people over egypt's sinai peninsula. russia and eastern governments say a bomb brought it down. this morning, egyptians officials say they have found no signs of terrorism so far. a southwest airlines flight had to make an emergency landing in san antonio because part of the wing that reduces drag
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appeared to be at an odd angle. one passenger said people were screaming in panic. the plain was able to land safely. the post office will be swamped today. it is the busiest day of the year. 640 million cards, letters, packages expected to be mailed. that will only add to the woes of one perturbed postman. under siege by gobblers. they've been on his tail every day. they've become so belligerent. he's forced to fend them off with a ten-foot pole. you couldn't hear him in the video. he just looks and goes, every day. >> can you imagine? every day facing that. >> he just keeps leading them on. he's got dinner for a week. just lead them home. that's a no-brainer. >> that's one way of looking at it, jesse. thank you. thank you, amy. it is the biggest movie event of the year. who knows, maybe ever. the "star wars" world premier is in los angeles tonight.
7:16 am
the blockbuster opening for the rest of us at the end of the week. nick watt is in the center of the galaxy in hollywood. good morning, nick. >> reporter: good norng, robin. there are already "star wars" die hard fans camped out outside the chinese theater, hoping to snag the best seats for opening night, which isn't until thursday. before then, the premier that starts in 14 hours and about 15 minutes. >> get ready. >> okay. for what? >> reporter: for the stars aligning at tonight's premier, security is tighter than the oscars. four blocks of hollywood boulevard closed since last thursday. >> happy "star wars." >> reporter: it's nine days already these fans have been in line. caroline and andrew from australia are serious. getting married in the line. on thursday. who's officiating? >> we have a good friend who is
7:17 am
a celebrant and is named obi sean. >> reporter: "the force wakens" will debut on over 4,000 screens this week. back in '77, "star wars" opened on 32. an instant hit, darth vader was soon leaving his footprints here outside the theater. >> george lucas watched the the first one from here. are you kidding me? this is the place to be. >> feels great! >> reporter: in 1999, for "the phantom menace" the line was born. >> i met my husband in line. >> reporter: and this is the result? >> this is the result. >> reporter: nate's been in line already. >> when that comes up on the screen, a little kid inside me is saying, is this really happening. >> there's a center of the universe in "star wars jts nerddom, that's right here. >> reporter: these nerds, their word, not mine, are making money
7:18 am
for a children's charity. it rained overnight. it's chilly by l.a. standards. they have another 80 hours to go. i'm not sure i can take it. can you guys? >> nerd is a high compliment for them. >> we're going to a special screening tomorrow in new york. we can't get details. it's so top secret zplp no phones. they take them when you walk in the door. this is all lockdown. >> can't blame them for that. >> we're given instructions. >> not going to say anything on wednesday. >> no, we can't. another big storm in the west. this one hits san francisco? >> nick was just alluding trees into homes quick look at where the storm is now, smothering from arizona through the dakotas with winter weather advisories and warnings. the select cities but the to you by walmart.
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>> reporter: hi, everybody, david murphy here with an update from accuweather. nothing on storm tracker 6 live double scan. as we look outside, fog is the issue this morning and it is very thick in spots. this is center city hard to see anything. temperatures are mild, slow it down if you get into the dense fog. 69 later with mostly cloudy skies and rain arrives late today and continues tonight and we're back to the sun tomorrow. and coming up here on "gma," the nfl facing a billion-glar lawsuit. and now a big new hollywood movie over the dangers of
7:20 am
concussions. so why was roger goodell laughing at a joke about them. a lot of people speak out this morning. and hover boards catching fire. we have they had of one of the biggest manufacturers standing by to and your questions. are they safe to put under your tree this christmas? re quite tht at waking people up in the morning. let me show you how grandma does it. your daddy made this when he was a little boy. this is your dad at my house, where he had his first christmas. thanks for making the coffee. well look who's up. i'm really glad you're here mom. me too. look who's here!
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tell your doctor about all planned medical or dental procedures. eliquis treats dvt & pe blood clots. plus had less major bleeding. both made switching to eliquis right for me. ask your doctor if it's right for you. matt o'donnell, 7:24 sunday december 14. karen is off, matt pellman is taking a look at the foggy conditions. many of us start the week typically in a fog be but we're driving through the fog as we start the week, this is the schuylkill expressway westbound a fender bender.
7:25 am
20 minute delay on the westbound travel time. earlier crash in delco is gone, but this has been out here in tell folder, allentown -- telford, allentown road is closed. if you're going to the premium outlets there's an accident westbound long view road. thick fog from coles road to 295 and thick fog in this area and most areas. >> we'll tell you when the fog will clear when we come right back. ♪
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catch holiday-cookie cheer on the tip of your tongue with dunkin' donuts' holiday- cookie-flavored coffees. from 2:00 to 6:00 p.m., enjoy any medium latte or macchiato for $1.99. >> reporter: good morning, everyone, david murphy out on a very foggy terrace. we're down to a third of a mile in trenton, to toms river and lancaster. a lot of you will be encountering thick fog. plan on leaving early. 54 degrees in philadelphia. 54 in allentown. 55 in sea isle city. mild this morning. the seven day shows a mild afternoon high of 69. a dense fog lifts after 10:00 a.m. late today and tonight we get rain and maybe thunderstorms. sunny tomorrow, matt. >> thanks, david. two eagles fans got engaged
7:28 am
at the game yesterday with the help from swoop. the story is at
7:29 am
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oh. you're looking live right now, our nation's capital. oh, those cherry blossoms still going strong. and on lake erie. water-skiing. yeah in december. temperatures there in the 60s on sunday. and it will be warm as ginger told us in the east. right through the christmas day. >> you did need the wet suit. the water was in the 40s. very cold. >> my forsythia is plooming outside. it's usually the first sign of spring. >> i didn't know what that was. >> what did you call it? >> the bright yellow flower. yeah. >> oh, that one. got it. president obama planning to visit the pentagon this morning for a meeting with the national security council. and a big headline about
7:31 am
sleep, yes, you can get too much. researchers find that more than nine hours a day may shorten your life. is there we would like to know that problem. we don't. jesse is here. he'll have a heart-warming story of a dog wearing a purple heart here. >> two heroes overseas. it's great. >> looking forward to that. we begin with nfl commissioner roger goodell. he's under fire getting caught on camera laughing about concussions at a black tie dinner at the same time the league is dealing with a $1 billion settlement over concussions. >> just last night, another player suffered a concussion. his second of the season. at a time when concussion dangers are at the forefront, thanks to a nearly $1 billion settlement field by the players. the league seemingly making light of the situation is not sitting well. awkward is the word being used
7:32 am
to describe this moment. >> i had a chance to sit next to the commissioner of football. pete roselle tonight also, and -- oh, excuse me. roger goodell. i apologize. i had six concussions in the nfl, so. >> reporter: hall of fame nfl quarterbac roger staubach that he had run the skroek by the xhirgs in advance. >> he approved it. >> reporter: and goodell laughed again. this morning, some are saying concussions shouldn't be a laughing matter. there's currently a lawsuit hanging over the nfls a head. bernard robertson is 1 of the more than 4500 nfl players suing the league. he fails to see the humor. >> concussions aren't a laughing matter. specifically the effects from
7:33 am
those concussions. >> reporter: and the controversy over the leek's history of dealing with the dangers is heading to the big screen christmas day with the new movie, concussion. >> repetitive head trauma choex the brain. >> this is inappropriate at any time. especially now. our interest and concerns are heightened by this issue. and the nfl commission sir laughing? >> reporter: goodell says the nfl is doing all it can to make the game safer. >> you know, we have done 39 rule changes over the last ten years to make our game safer. >> reporter: just this year alone, reportedly more than 150 concussions. in november, rams quarterback case keenum hit hard in the head. allowed back in the game. goodell admits he didn't get proper attention. >> the problem we had was the appropriate medical attention wasn't given. we're trying to make changes to that. >> reporter: the nfl makes no admission of guilt under the settlement. former players don't have to
7:34 am
show their conditions related to nfl football. we reached out to nfl about the concussion joke but did not hear back. >> thank you. you'll be talking to the doctor next hour who inspired the movie. >> dr. bennett amalou. he says to parents, don't let you kids play football. we'll talk to him about that. now to the hot air balloon that came down in the middle of a san diego neighborhood. etch on the ground racing to save it from crashing into home. t.j. holmes is here with at the story. good morning. >> reporter: you remember the game tug of war. imagine playing that against a 2.5-on the hot air balloon with lives and property at stake. that's what a group of neighbors in california had to do. and they won. a hot air balloon carrying about a dozen people nearly crashes into this rancho santa fe neighborhood. families scrambled to get out
7:35 am
their homes. >> this is quite a thing. >> reporter: and watch nervously. >> the balloon was going in the wrong direction. it was going land on the interception. cars were going back and forth. >> reporter: heart-stopping moments as it runs directly into a tree. flames tangling dangerously with the brampls. it continues to fall. the pilot decides, his only hope, the bystanders on the ground. and he lowers a rope. >> he's trying to land it in this street. >> reporter: the neighbors spring into action. >> dude, seriously, let's go. >> reporter: and pull the balloon to a safe landing. >> he's all right. whoo! >> reporter: and one last moment of fright gives way to jubilation. >> that's teamwork. >> reporter: rick johnson filmed the incident. >> instead of panicking, the whole community came together. everybody jumped in likt was their job. everybody helped. paid attention to the pilot. everybody did their jobs. >> reporter: a celebratory
7:36 am
picture at the end. this is not uncommon in the neighborhood. they have a industry of hot air balloons. this one a little out of control. even said, not on my house. >> working together like that. helping each other out. all right, t.j., thank you. coming up, new warnings about hoverboards. after fires like this. the head of one of the major brapds is here. the key to making yours safe. come on back. in 1919, my ancestor, marcel tolkowsky
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got a new friend from fargo, north dakota, with us. back with a new crackdown on one of the most popular gifts of the holiday. all those recent problems of hoverboards catching fire. getting the attention of a lot of people. jio benitez has the story. >> reporter: hoverboards are burning up store shelves. in some cases, themselves.
7:41 am
the government investigating ten fires across nine states. >> for no apparent reason, it just exploded. >> reporter: now questions about whether the lithium eyon batters powering them are causing them to overheat. and if some manufacturers are using lower-quality batteries. >> be cautious about purchasing them on the internet. from overseas. >> reporter: in a new report overnight, u.s. customs and border protection says investigators have seized 164 hoverboards with take batteries or other counter fit marks. various hoverboard brands are being tested to see what is causing the fire. >> hole hi cow. >> reporter: reports say at least two burning hover boards were sold through vendors on amazon. now, the online retail giant says, until it can be proven that they meet safety standards,
7:42 am
they're pulling some brands. joining, who just pulled all hoverboards. swagway is one of the affected xaeps. they tell and they have not received any confirmed reports of any fire incident directly related to a genuine swagway product. and that safety is always on the fore pront. for "good morning america," gio benitez, abc news, new york. >> joining us is tony lee. the founder and ceo of glide tech, who hasn't had any problems with the product. you see the video. i was on a flight from d.c. they made an announcement no hoverboards on board or checked baggage. people are considering this for a gift. what do you say? >> we sold thousands of these and had zero issues. the reason is, a lot of companies are trying to make a quick buck.
7:43 am
they're using the cheapest chinese batteries on the market today. the products we have are revolutionary. we spent a huge amount of battery technology. >> the it's the badderry that is the problem. how do they catch fire? >> a cheap chinese battery doesn't have a board protection. it will never overheat. if it does, it shuts down the battery. >> how do you check? you don't want to rip it part. how do you know what kind of battery is in it? >> deal with a reputable company. make sure it's branded. samsung, lg, sony, if they don't say it, chance are it's a cheap battery. >> in some places like new york city, we're not allowed to have them on the streets. what is your advice to parents. >> number one, deal with a reputable company. headache sure that they're big
7:44 am
and located in the u.s. number two, buy a branded battery. sony, lg, samsung. number three, make sure that all the boards come with a one-year warranty. >> that gives you an idea that it comes from a reputable company. >> cheap batteries will not last past six months. >> thank you, tony. you can go to our website for more information on buying the proper hoverboards. let's go inside to george. >> coming up, a touching story behind this hero dog right here. why he's wearing a purple heart.
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with a snap, with zicam.
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jesse, i've been looking forward to this story all morning long. two mill stair r tear heroes. >> take a look at this picture. two soldiers. andrew brown and his military dog, rocky. rocky is recovering after he and specialist brown were injrd in an explosion in afghanistan. there's rocky with a much-deserved purple heart attacked to his collar. he suffered a broken leg and shrapnel wounds in the explosion. since this picture was posted, it has more than 98,000 likes
7:49 am
already. it's been shared nearly 130,000 times. rocky and specialist brown were reunited in a hospital in germany. brown, now, back home. he's recovering. his dog, rocky, expected to be flying home soon. to ft. hood. it is a tremendous story. a bond between these two. they're both doing okay. >> i love how you referred to them as both soldiers. it's true. that's true. >> there's such a great pond. anybody that has a dog nose. between them and their dog. i can only imagine how much more heightened it is when you're in the military like that together. >> and those military dogs are so smart as well. they've saved a lot of lives. >> to know that they're doing as well as they are, we just don't do enough stories and letting you know how they're doing. >> he won a purple heart. >> how many people can even say that? >> incredible. >> we could get him here one day. that would be great. >> love to see him. ! when we come back, a new headline about the so-called eye
7:50 am
hunch. the way you use your iphone may not only be bad for your posture, it could affect your mood, sigh koj. >> my kids are grumpy after being hunched over their ipods. >> twitter can do that to you itself. we have a world exclusive. taylor swift one on one about her massive world tour. the behind the scenes secrets. the special guests, from j.t., justin timberlake, to john legend, mick jagger. your all-access pass. only on "gma" this morning. coming up, "gma's" football countdown brought to you by nationwide. ♪ hooked it just a little bit ♪ (window breaks, car alarm sounds) ♪ don't open that cellar door ♪
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back here on "gma." they've been measuring the snow in feet, not inches from the cascades to right there in the rockies. that's tamarac resort, idaho, 47 inches in the last ten days of fresh powder. they're loving it. shows you the winter weather advisories. from new mexico up through colorado. look how much snow will be left behind. some places, more than a foot. all that
7:55 am
7:56 am
>> hey everyone, i'm matt o'donnell, 7:56 monday, december 14. it is foggy out there. matt pellman is in for karen for traffic. matt. >> reporter: the fog hadn't change, the delays are worse. boulevard jamming heading toward the schuylkill expressway which is solid from montgomery drive to gladwyn with a crash by city avenue on the shoulder attracting attention. >> reporter: we have a bad crash in the telford area shutting down allentown road county line gets you around. that we had an accident at christiana mall it is gone now, but you're looking at speeds at 15 miles per hour new castle north red lion. believe it or not this is the ben franklin bridge, our good buddy ben, speed restrictions up because the fog is thick this
7:57 am
morning. >> it is widespread. here's another look at it from our sky 6 camera at philadelphia international airport. let's turn to david murphy for accuweather forecast. fog is thick on the terrace. take a look at visibilities we have eye-popping numbers for you, trenton and wilmington as the current visibilities are less than.1 of a mile. it's rare that we get a reading at the airport. it's the central portion of the region where the fog is at its worse. 5 degrees in philadelphia. everybody mild. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast shows fog getting out of here after 10:00 a.m. after that mostly cloudy skies, a mild record-tieing high of 69. late today and tonight the rain arrives and the sun comes back tomorrow and stays with us on wednesday. >> fire damaged the rental office at the harbor house apartments in claymont, delaware. the red cross is helping 20 residents. a much more devastating fire that was ruled arson broke out
7:58 am
about a year ago leaving a woman dead. the world premier of star wars the force awakens in los angeles premiers tonight. it opens nationwide on friday. or macchiato for $1.99.
7:59 am
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good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. major health alert. new fears hundreds of infants may have been exposed to tuberculosis. the race the find those at risk right now. ♪ you've got that james dean a world exclusive. taylor swift, one on one. >> getting ready for this, i wondered about a lot of things. >> the fans, the stars, the amazing moments. the secrets behind her huge 1989 world tour. >> this was very collaborative and fun. >> we have your all-access pass. as apple music takes you behind one of the biggest tours ever. the countdown to christmas is on. just 11 days left. are you ready? we have the ultimate buyer's
8:01 am
guide to saving big on the hottest gives at any budget. ♪ fireball all that, and the cast of "joy," spilling their secrets. jennifer lawrence, bradley cooper, robert de niro, all as we say -- >> all: good morning, america. come on, with enthusiasm, good morning, america! the newest droid in the "star wars" universe, bb8 is rolling, as you can see here, into times square this morning. we're counting down to "the force awakens." the big premier tonight in l.a. >> what does he do when he looks at you like that. >> it's making me a little bit uncomfortable. >> a lot of people talking about the other big move you haie con. >> dr. bennet omalu will join
8:02 am
us. do you have this? >> get that neck -- >> ihunch. new headlines about how the way we use our devices could be affecting our posture. our mood. dr. ashton will be here. let's go to amy with the morning rundown. the stig story, tackling terrorism. president obama making a rare visit to the pent phone today. he aims so reassure americans that the u.s. military is upping its game. but there are new questions about whether officials messed warnings that the san bernardino attacker tashfeen malik had jihadi sympathies before she came to the u.s. a policy kept official from searching her social media. that policy is being reversed. donald trump is apparently losing his wide lead in the race for the white house. a new poll showing ted cruz closing the gap nationally.
8:03 am
the poll finds trump and cruz would both lose to hillary clinton. the nbc/"wall street journal" poll shows the only republicans that could beat hillary clinton right now, dr. ben carson and marco rubio. in northern california, health officials are scramling to track down hundreds of people who may have been exposed to tuberculosis. >> reporter: this morning, fears that 1,000 people, including 350 infants, may have been exposed to tuberculosis. >> infants have an immature immune system. if this were to happen to any one baby, that is one too many. >> reporter: one of the nurses who worked in the maternity wing was diagnosed with an active case of the disease last month and placed on medical leave immediately. the hospital tracking down hundreds of parrots that could have been treated by the nurse.
8:04 am
the hospital hosti iposting a lo the remember scythe. officials say in september, the the results of the nurse's annual tb test came back negative. she was diagnosed with it in november when she was being evaluated. >> the individual roebl not able to spread it that well. simply because the individual didn't have symptoms at all. >> reporter: so far, no one else at the hospital has reported signs of the illness in. for "gma" "gma," aditi roy, abc news, san jose, california. a new warning about so-called helicopter parenting. it may be harming your teen's health. overinvolved parents are preventing teens from taking ownership of their medical care. 40% of parents say they alone asked the questions during the teen's last visit to the doctor.
8:05 am
one-third of parents said their teen sproek prooifrtly to the doctor. a bad day at the dmv. this person hitting and punching the state trooper. not surprisingly, she's charged with resisting aresz. if you have been scolded for occasionally dropping a four-letter word. listen up. people who pepper their language with salty sayings tend to be more articulate than those who don't. people that curse have bigger vocabularies and express themselves in a more new once aed way than people less likely to swear. is there amy, you've been reading that with a huge smile on your face the whole walk over. >> noticed? why is that? >> i have a good filter. not in front of the kids. but every now and then -- >> she lets it rip. >> apparently, i'm just a little
8:06 am
more new once aed. >> there you have it. you win. here's what's coming up on the "gma morning menu." are you suffering from ihunch? how your phone might be ruining your mood and your posture. and the doctor who helped expose the real danger of concussions. and "gma" explusive, taylor swift revealing secrets of her world tour. it is getting real here at "gma." bb8 is here. i want to hug him. i don't think i'm allowed to touch him. all live here on "gma" in times square. when heartburn hits
8:07 am
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...turns out to be... less than perfect... we give you five days to change your mind. sorry. welcome back to "gma." talking earlier about text neck and how all that smartphone use may be hurting your posture. it could be ruining your mood, too. it's a story we first saw in "the new york times." and dr. jennifer ashton has the details. >> reporter: we live in a tech-driven world. is technology causing us to damage our bodies? our minds? ihunch. that hunched over posture we get when we hunch over a smartphone. what happens when the weight of your head is bent over your gadget? according to august, the stress on a person's neck increases to
8:12 am
60 pounds. that can cause pain. >> upper back and neck problems have proe life rated in the last ten years. the big driver is the use of lapto laptops, tablets, and smartphones. >> reporter: now researchers are trying to find out if there's a link between the ihunch and mental health. amy kuddy is examining the issue in a "new york times" article. kriting mall, preliminary studies. none of the studies have shown conclusive every day that staring at your smart phone affects your psychology, many professionals say sitting up straight is always a good idea. >> it affects your confidence level, assertiveness level, feeling good about yourself. >> this was the first story i read yesterday. >> right now this is about the theoretical, the observation nal, and the association. we know that the superman pose,
8:13 am
we have heard about that, can inspire confidence. we know that some people who are sad or depressed tend to hunch or slouch over. now it's about can we connect the dots? take texting, which typically assumes this posture, and say it can contribute to sad or depressed mood. >> so what do you do about it? >> well, posture. chest up, shoulders back. head neutral. eyes forward. >> so hold it up a little bit. >> this might benefit more than just your posture here. if your posture can affect your mood, i'm all in. >> if you get a bad e-mail, you're still in a bad mood. >> then you throw it backwards and it gives you an archi ining postu posture. >> thank you, jen. another major health concern, concussions. they're a huge problem in football from the peewees to the pros. the new movie with will smith shining light on the problem.
8:14 am
we're going to talk live to the doctor who inspired it. first, a look at his story. will smith's passion nal per form mans erped him a golden floeb nomination. >> tell the truth. tell the truth. >> reporter: the man smith proper trays in the film is dr. bennet omalu. a nigerian born forensic pathologist. >> reporter: his discovery, chronic traumatic encephalopathy. it is found mostly in athletes who play contact heads like football. >> hard shot on welker. >> reporter: the long-term effects can lead to dementia, even suicide. >> you're going to war with a corporation that owns the day of the week. >> reporter: in a recently published new york times op ed titled don't let kids play football, the doctor rwrote, asa
8:15 am
society, the question we have to answer is, when we knowingly and willfully allow a child to play high-contact sports, are we endangering the child? >> i am not done! >> he is not done. he's here with us right now. dr. bennet omalu. it's so good to see you again. i watched the film last night. having spent time with you, will smith really got it right. adds you know, he got a golden globe nomination. he said i'm grateful to the hfpa for recognizing dr. omalu's story. he'll see you at the golden globes. >> thank you for having me. will smith is such a wofrl individual. and he reminds me of my -- my childhood fate. reaffirms it. and believe in the american
8:16 am
perfectionism. he epitomizes that per fesks. he took my story and the story of cte from the depths of the california central valley to the peak of the mountain top of the american mountain and the american psyche. and for this, i am profoundly grateful. i wish him the best of luck and may piece with with him. >> it's bring something much attention to an issue that not only affects, the nfl, peewee, all contact sports. you made headlines not just for the movie be you for your op ed where you really talk to parents and you said, kids should not be playing peewee football. not playing contact sports. what is your message to them? >> high-impact contact sports. my message is to remember we're one american family. one joy, one hope, one love. knowing what we know now, as a society, we're evolving. as we evolve, we give up less
8:17 am
intelligent ways we did thinks in the past because we're becoming more intelligent. to we continue to expose our dhoirn the risk of permanent brain damage? this is not anti-football, anti-spots. exposure to your head has an inhempbt risk of damage. like we have done with smoking, alcohol, sex, shouldn't we protect our children, the most vulnerable. the most precious gifts of our lives and let them become adults? if you become an adult and as a physician, you make the decision to play, i'll be the fist to stand by your side. but not our children. >> i think you get a lot of attention when you say, as a parent, you don't let your child smoke, drink. you have a demonstration in the movie. >> this is what you called a
8:18 am
model. >> a model. >> this is a simulation. the jar is the rigid skull. the pink balloon is the brain. your brain floats freely inside your skull. look what happens in your brain when you have an impact. the brain bounces around the skull. you take paddle, this padding will simulate the let mel. look what happens. so with our without the helmet, your brain still bounces around your skull. so knowing what we know now, with or without a helmet. with or without concussions. repeated ploes of your head as a risk of causing permanent brain damage. >> you know the nfl. they have taken issue with you in the past. i want to say what they responded. they've made numerous changes to the game to enhance the health and safety of players at all levels of football.
8:19 am
including nearly 40 rule changes in the last decades strict concussions prototolls, better training and sideline medical care. are day doing enough? is this enough? >> cte and post traumatic enrecei encephalopathy is not about concussion. concussion is a disease. ct serks a disease. e both are caused bay blow to the head. no matter how much you reduce concussions, you're still exposing yourself to repeated blows, your risk of developing cte is still there. but, the movie is not about the it inty fwritty of the science. it's about the spirit of the american family that i so much believed in as a child. it's a story about what sit to be american. to seek the truth. to become enlightened. the truth does set you free. >> and your name really means that. >> yes. >> in your native tongue, et
8:20 am
means -- >> he who speaks. >> and speak the truth. >> the truth defines us as americans. >> i think people watching this film will have beater understa understanding of your work and passion. you're not anti-football, ae anti-sports. i was talking to jesse. you were not as aware. >> it was something as you talk about, we just didn't have the education at the time. you didn't understand, i think, the significance of how that could impact your life moving away there football. five, ten, 15, 20 years down the road. i'll say this pip saw the screener for this movie. it's extremely powerful. i'm curious to see how this affects parents, the if they wacht, whether or not they'll allow their dhoirn play. and how this impacts the popularity of the sport. it's a powerful film.
8:21 am
>> jesse, thank you. dr. omalu, always a pleasure. >> thank you. >> and will is on this week. >> he's amazing. all right, thank you, robin. get ready, taylor swift fans. we have a world exclusive you'll only see here on "gma." the singer just releasing the trailer for the 1989 world tour live concert film, which you'll be able to watch on apple music starting sunday. this morning, we have something more for you. jesse? you have the details. >> get set. we have your exclusive first look at a behind-the-scenes interview with taylor swift for apple music while they were filming in sydney, australia. ♪ been waiting for you ♪ walk to new york >> reporter: she's performed around the globe. ♪ shake it off shake it off >> reporter: even showing us how to shake it off in times square on "gma." >> getting ready for this, i wondered about a lot of things.
8:22 am
>> reporter: and over 1.5 million fans have seen her latest tour. and if you haven't, now you can, too. >> i wonder what it would be like to perform for 70,000 people. >> reporter: taylor swift and happand apple music teaming up to show us the film. ♪ we never go out of style >> reporter: the seven-time gammy-award winner giving us an exclusive look inside her world. and now, swifties can watch the show on their big and small screens. >> what would happen if i invited the most amazing artists in the world? >> reporter: this sunday, people with access the film. including appearances by justin timberlake. mick jagger. is there this was an indicator of which musicians love music so
8:23 am
much to pop up on stage just for the love of it. it was collaborative, fun. hey, you want to come out? cool, we'll learn your song. i have so many memories looking back. i'll never doctor i'm going to hold on to them for dear life. >> reporter: swift saying how she reached out to the rolling stones legend. >> i had no idea mick was going to be in town. i had a hoe the next day. i said, hey are you in nashville? do you want to come out and sing? he writes back, oh, what will i wear ♪ now we got bad blood >> reporter: a swift show wouldn't be complete without her squad. stars making appearance as well. >> it would be weird to not include my friends. these are the people who helped me get to this point where i could make this album. we had some of the most amazing memories, just around the tour. my friends would fly out. it became a way for us all to get together when we're all
8:24 am
really busy. we would be like, all right, meeting up in london, hyde park show. let's do this. >> you can see taylor's full interview on apple music's beats one radio station at noon eastern. and apple music members around the world you watch the 1989 world tour live movie exclusively starting sunday at swift. >> is she 25 yet? >> she's 26. >> yesterday. >> texted mick, we're all meeting up in london. it's okay. >> her birthday was yesterday. >> a year ago, she was here. a konser at "gma." >> we were just talking about that. >> here's the video. time flies. >> she shut down times square. >> on her tour, you never knew who was going to pop up on staple with her. she's just that kind of person. >> my daughters said it was the favorite moment of the summer. she puts on a show. it's a group effort.
8:25 am
you know who else puts on a show? ncaster, south carolina. these ladies are from elkton city. if you're traveling out of the east coast, there's fog causing ground delays, check ahead. freezing rain advisories and winter weather advisories in northern maine. it's so mild out here, the temperatures won't be this warm for the rest of the week, but we stay in this mild air through the holiday. they also the big picture, let's get a check across ther to home. >> reporter: you showed the fog at philadelphia international. no rain, but drizzle on the windshield from that. temperatures in the 50s we're looking at fog just about everywhere. there's center city. in some cases the visibilities are very low, so slow it down and use low beams. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, 69 is
8:26 am
today's high. dense fog advisory until 10:00 a.m. rain arrives later today and into tonight. the sun is back tomorrow, though. makt taylor southwest m ready. the ultimate guide to the holidays. mark wahlberg here live to talk about his new movie with will ferrell. >> it's a funny one. how's this for an invite? >> oh, my gott. >> and will smith. >> all of that beauty is a natural distax. >> plus, toost time for ugly sweaters.
8:27 am
>> good morning, 8:27 on this monday, december 14. i'm matt o'donnell. karen rogers is off, matt pellman is tracking the fog on the roads. >> reporter: we lookedty exact -- at this exact shot an hour ago and i said you have to be careful. there was an accident southbound lanes of the boulevard. somebody trying to make the merge, smacked into him, we have emergency crews on the scene taking out the right lane. traffic is jammed from broad street to the schuylkill expressway. there's a down tree in narberth at sumit road. yoas road there's a crash,
8:28 am
and there's one southbound at 109. >> reporter: dense fog advisory in effect until 10:00 a.m. let's give you current visibilities in philadelphia. up close to mild visibility him up the pike in trenton and down the pike in wilmington, less than a tenth of an inch. in the darker shades of gray, thick fog. mild today, 55 degrees, mild not much wind. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast shows a high of 69 this afternoon, lots of clouds, the fog probably not as much is of problem after 10:00. late this afternoon and tonight rain moves in. might see a rumble of thunder here or there. i guess you hear that. you see the lightning. sunny and breezy tomorrow, 63. back in the 50s on wednesday. >> philadelphia international airport is seeing delays up to 44 minutes due to the fog. there are delays at the new york city airport and atlanta at that
8:29 am
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at t.j.maxx, marshalls and homegoods. ♪ [ cheers and applause ] welcome back. he's getting a lot of work out here. >> yes, he is. >> yes, yes, yes. the hottest new "star wars" character, bb8 is here. helping us countdown to the premier tonight in los angeles. is there he has a little burn mark from space. >> tough to run around like that. believe i had or not, "star wars" not the only movie. mark wahlberg is here in times square. he stars with will ferrell in "daddy's home." so funny. >> you have seen the trailer. >> it pays off. it's great. talk to him in a little bit. in the meantime, if you heard christmas is just around the corner. it doesn't feel like it. it's getting down to the wire for holiday shopping. we're tracking the hottest gifts people are searching for in our
8:31 am
ultimate christmas buyer's guide. becky worley tells us about one of the top gift this is year. head phones. >> reporter: previkted to be the most popular tech gift given this season. to find the best, we turned to brian tong. tech editor at cnet. what do teens and 20 something's want? >> design and bass. a lot of kids love the deep booming sound. this the is beats solo2. you have the flashy colors and clean design. you can go big and large and just, you don't care what anybody thinks. these are the monster 24k. gold, bling bling, all gold everything. >> reporter: is there a budget model? >> the m50-xs. great, great headphones. >> reporter: on ear. over ear. which is better? >> how it feels. some people don't like the idea
8:32 am
of an over-year headphone. it cuts your ear off but it's the best sound. >> reporter: if you're buying head foens for someone who is a commuter? it's all about noisecanceling. >> it send res verse frequency in here. it deadens the sound around you. it creates a chamber inside. it's like your own, isolated room. >> reporter: let's talk xaeper ear buds. >> some are around the $120, $150. that's a lot. the $40 to $50 speet spot, you'll get everything you need. >> and we have a list of all of those picks on our website, on yahoo!. becky is with us. a lot of them are expense pich what are you getting for a $300
8:33 am
pair versus a $100 pair. >> that is tult mat question. people who are into sound they can hear a difference. me, i'm not so sure. this is about brand, design, fashion. there are mirrors in the headphone aisles in the electronics store. how do i look? >> they look festive. my daughters just want them to be pink. thank you, becky. i'm here with mark wahlberg. he's teaming up with will ferrell in the new comedy, daddy's home. a dad and a step dad square off for the love of their family. >> hey, kids. helmets on the half pipe. we have to with safe here. >> half pipe? >> that's cory from red bull. >> you have a sponsor for my backyard? >> and mark wahlberg joins us. the whole family watched this last night.
8:34 am
had a lot of fun. dusty is the ultimate cool dad. >> yes, aside from his inability to be responsible and commit. >> but he comes back and throws the whole family into an uproar. it must have been so much fun to team up with will again. >> he's such a great guy. one of the rare comedy guys. his humor comes from a nice place. he's a nice and happy guy. he enjoys making people laugh. >> it taps into something. this is a dynamic happening in a lot of families. grows out of something real. though it's pretty outrageous. >> yeah, usually the step dad is the bad guy. the evil one. and, you know, he's a genuinely li sweet guy who wants to be accept bdty kids. i just can't take the fact that somebody now is living in my role. and soy come back to reclaim my family and craziness ensues. >> skrou have four kids now, right? >> i've got four. >> did they weigh in? >> they suspect seen it yet.
8:35 am
mom is the censor board. >> you did an stain gram of the christmas sweater, right? sal and billy wearing them. >> that's more inappropriate than the content of the movie. but yeah. my picture looks more like you. that one looks like dick clark right there. >> that is dick clark. not mark wahlberg. on a didn't note. you have said you oh so much or of you success to your catholic faith. you had the chance this fall, when pope francis came in, to play a part. what was that like? >> it was amazing. i sat in church. a priest was saying you can be at church, but not be involved. they asked me to do the collection. they asked me to host the pope. you can't say no. i don't do good at hosting. families from different continents. mispronouncing their names was
8:36 am
an issue. it was a big job. amazing to see how many people he's got coming back to the church now. he's trying to change things. >> the spirit he unleashed was so great. >> i've been around a lot of famous people pip have never seen so many people excited about one person. >> you have your wahlburgers going on. we're opening one here. you did something special after the paris attacks. >> donating proceeds to the red cross. paris is my favorite city in the world. i was forge gnat enough to work there. made a movie there. a bad movie. it was great experience. i try to go there often. >> you did a great thing. "daddy's home" is great movie. >> thank you. i heard my smile takes over the world. oh, yem here with the holy cross
8:37 am
knights from flushing queens. mike greenburg and mike they gave us their pickings, they say the giants take the win. i have to give you a winning forecast. in miami it's going to be so nice, this forecast sponsored by nationwide. the action starts tonight at 8:15 p.m. on espn. tune in to find out the game's unsung hero. let's get a check close are to home. >> reporter: thanks ginger, the issue around here this morning, is fog, it's dense across parts of the region. nothing showing precipitation wise other than drizzle on the windshield from the fog. cloudy, 69 and late tonight rain
8:38 am
arrives. whoa, we're dabbing here on "gma." we're counting down to christmas with the best present two high school sweethearts could hope to have. a supersecret surprise right out of a fairytale. rachel smith has the story. >> reporter: every love story deserves a fairy god mother. and for high school sweethearts, their fairy godmother turned out to be abc family. and breakup star chelsea kane. >> that is the scent of christmas dinner ruined. i got to pull off an engagement surprise. i helped the future groom trick his girlfriend. >> i was lured here under false pretenses. >> i was feeling a little nervous. >> oh, my god. i walked into one of the most beautiful and amazing proposals
8:39 am
that a girl can hope for. >> i love you. will you marry me, baby? >> oh, my god. >> she saw the ring. i finally relaxed and said, okay. >> he dropped down, i was like, wait. my eyes and mind were not synchronized. >> reporter: the surprise was not just a diamond ring. [ cheers and applause ] >> welcome to the family. >> to share this experience with the people that mean the most to me, it brought it full circle. >> i was so flattered to have been included. i love love. >> reporter: just like every great love story. >> i could not be anymore excited. starting our own family and continuing to push forward and pursue our dreams. >> there's a happily ever after. for "good morning america," rachel smith, abc news, new york. >> what a surprise that couple is never going forget. coming up, the star-studded cast of "joy."
8:40 am
jennifer lawrence, robert de niro, bradley cooper. opening up about their new movie. that's coming up next.
8:41 am
8:42 am
the movie "joy" doesn't hit theaters until christmas day. it's already picked up two golden globe nominations.
8:43 am
"20/20" anchor elizabeth vargas has more. >> hi. what are you koing here? >> reporter: it's jennifer lawrence at the top of her game. loosely inspired by the real-life home shopping entrepreneur and inventor joy mangano. >> my name's joy, by the way. >> reporter: it chronicles the rise from struggling single mom to head of her own business dynasty. >> the world doesn't owe you a thing. >> reporter: lawrence reteams for the third time with bradley cooper. robert de niro, and david o. russell. along with an all-star cast, virginia madsen and edgar ramirez as her eccentric ex-husband. i want to start with you, david? >> why? >> what drew you to this story. joy's story? >> i think the movie is about the e emotion, joy, when you're a child, a grownup, facing compromises.
8:44 am
another inspiration was to see the best divorced cup until america. true unconditional love goes beyond divorce. >> it's a beautiful thing. unconditional love means that that love will transform itself. so in a way, gives us, gives me hope that true love does really last forever. >> people have talked about the fact that so many of you who is work sod many times together now have a special chemistry. >> we met her. she was 20 years old. on "playbook." before hunger games. >> i asked cooper what it's like to be in the tabloids? i was like, the tabloids say you're dating j. lo, is that true? then david called action. never speak on my behalf. >> reporter: it is no wonder russell cast lawrence in his first film with a female lead.
8:45 am
it's a dysfunctional family story. >> i think there's no such thing as a normal family. david says he finds the extraordinary in the ordinary. and then just examining it and opens it up and peels back layer after layer after layer. it's kiting to work that way. >> reporter: and the on-screen chemistry between cooper and slaurns palpable. do dploi you have that chemistry? >> yeah, when i'm with you, i feel safe. like i can -- i can turn my brain off as an actor and, yeah, i feel safe i guess is the word. >> david made us a bizarre form of sib flings a way. >> i think having to learn that dance routine. i was -- that was -- we didn't know each other. >> on "silver linings playbook "? >> i understand what bradley's saying. we have a troop feeling. a certain comfort and confidence with each other. and feeling of being safe. yes. and all those things that --
8:46 am
many directors -- the finest directors have done over the years. >> reporter: and that special art of david o. russell is traps lating into movie gold. the film snagged two golden globe nominations. you've been nominated for a golden globe for best actress. amy schumer one of your best friends, said, you're going down. >> i hope i am. i want to see that sweet little -- up on that stage. i'm trying to organize us wearing the same exact thing. that's think dream. >> are you going root for her or you? >> we're both rooting for her. >> reporter: for "good morning america," elizabeth vargas, abc news, new york. >>ky not wait to see "joy." up next, robin talks with
8:47 am
8:48 am
we're back now with a legendary name in broadcast journalism. linda ellerbee. after more than 40 rears in the
8:49 am
business, the last 25 of them hosting nick news. linda is retiring. they'll air the special, hello, i must be going. this morning, she's here with us. what a pleasure. >> it's so nice to be here with you. >> all these years. two generations of talking -- two generations have been with you. >> it is. really. we have some kids that were 10 when we started that now have 10-year-olds that are watching. we have kids that grew up watching us that worked on the show. until, you know, just recently until we produced the last show. >> we had in on our staff so excited because they grew up watching. what was the most challenging story your 25 years that you had to explain to children? >> oh, without question, aids. it was -- when we started in '91, it was a huge, huge story. not that it shouldn't be today.
8:50 am
but, it was then. and, the problem with explaining aids was, you have to explain, you have to talk about sex. and, in our age group of 9 to 14, there are kids in there who actually haven't had the sex talk from their parents yet. so it was tricky. how do i talk about aids without talking about sex. well, you can't, really. >> you had to keep all these things in mind. you know your audience. you chose to be there so many years. what will you miss most? >> the kids themselves. if there's one lesson i take away there 25 years of listening to kids, you're never too old to learn from young. >> never too eld to learn from -- out of the mouths of babes. >> yeah. they taught me. they educated me. in fact, the last part of the show, this is our only hour show. this last one. is really sort of about a personal piece about what you taught me.
8:51 am
what kids taught me. >> what they taught you? before that, back in the day, that's you -- >> that's me, at abc. >> you were part of the "gma." >> big hair. big shoulders. big glasses. and big mouth. >> we do remember that part, too. what to you remember most of your time here? >> i had a great time here at abc. i worked on a wonderful show called "our world." a primetime show about recent american history. every week, i came to work and they would give me a wox of magazines an books and movies from a particular year. i would think, okay, this week i'm living in 1961. this week, i've living in 1942. and, in fact, i get so immersed in the time period of the show that i once found myself in the year 1987 writing a check and dating it 1951. >> no, no you didn't. >> because that's where i was spending the week in our world. >> so immersed in it.
8:52 am
i know that you, and maybe it's not a joke, people say, what next? you say retirement, people say, what next. you say you want to be a shepherd? >> i got tired to explaining to people that after 51 years of working, i was hoping that quitting work would mean, i could get up every day and think, what would line da like to do? aparent lirks i'm supposed to have a project. i started to say, i'm going to do nothing for awhile. joyfully. and i'm very grateful. i need to say this. that i'm able to retire. because too many americans are not. and i'm very lucky -- i had a great time. in television. i'm leaving with my head still on my shoulders. at my own choosing of the time. and my soul still mostly in tact. >> i love that voice. and, you are just well deserving of all that. thank you. you paved the way in so many ways for -- >> you, too, ma'am.
8:53 am
>> and we're fellow thrivers. i like to say that. >> i traded both my breasts for my life in 1993. and i have never once greated the trade. >> i love when you do the voice like that. yes, what a great trade. i'm glad you did that. you're here with us right now. >> and you, too. >> linda ellerbee, everybody. >> bye, bye. >> hello, i must be going, 25 years. tomorrow night on
8:54 am
at clorox 2 we've turned removing stains into a science. now pre-treat with clorox 2! watch stains disappear right before your eyes. remove 4 times more stains than detergent alone. great time for a shiny floor wax, no? not if you just put the finishing touches on your latest masterpiece. timing's important. comcast business knows that. that's why you can schedule an installation at a time that works for you. even late at night, or on the weekend, if that's what you need. because you have enough to worry about. i did not see that coming. don't deal with disruptions. get better internet installed on your schedule. comcast business. built for business.
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8:56 am
what a great show today. >> great to see linda ellerbee here. >> oh, adore her. will smith will be here tomorrow. >> will ferrell later in the week. have a great day, everybody. >> hey are everyone 8:56, monday, december 14. it's foggy out there, let's turn to matt pellman who is looking at the roads.
8:57 am
>> reporter: matt some of the fog has lifted in south jersey, we're waiting for the speeds to lift. on the turnpike in south jersey 45 miles per hour is the max because of the foggy conditions. the fog has not lifted everywhere, this is the boulevard. you have to trust me. fox street has cleared. trust me on that one. there's a fire in flourtown and river road is closing for construction in lower makefield. mass transit is on new schedules as of yesterday. if the train doesn't show up like you expected it to, that's why. >> a dense fog is in place until 10:00 a.m., matt. current visibilities in trenton .1 of a mile. philadelphia below a mile,
8:58 am
improving. wilmington up to a mile. in the i-95 corridor in particular where there is a darker shade of gray, the fog is dense. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast shows fog until 10:00 a.m., fair amount of clouds, 69 mild, later tonight rain arrives, you may hear rumbles of thunder. the sun comes back tomorrow. >> coming unon "action news" at noon, the latest on a shooting that left one person dead and two others wounded in west philadelphia. we'll have a live update at noon. mark wahlberg is on "live" with kelly and michael next on 6abc. i'm matt o'donnell. have a great monday and a great week.
8:59 am
9:00 am
>> it's "live! with kelly & michael." today, from the new comedy, "daddy's home," mark wahlberg. and from "star wars: the force awakens," gwendoline christie. plus, a performance from singer/songwriter sara walsh. all next on "live." [captioning made possible by isney-abc domestic television] and now, here are your emmy award-winning co-hosts, kelly ripa and michael strahan! [cheers and applause] ♪


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